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I'm a Minto local, my computer repair workshop is located in the heart of Minto on Durham St and I've been fixing and building computers in the area for over 20 years. I'm available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm so feel free to call after work or on the weekend.

Mobile Computer Repairs - We Can Come to You!

If you're having issues with your PC or Laptop but don't have time to drop it off to me, I can come to you to fix your computer problems. If it's something that can be fixed quickly I'll do it on site at your house, otherwise I'll take your PC back to my workshop to sort out all the issues and drop it off when it's done, usually within a day or two.

Case study: PC with Viruses in Minto

April 2015

I had a call recently from a customer located just off Ben Lomond Rd up near Minto Mall, he was having issues with his computer running slowly and was getting lots of popup windows warning about viruses and trying to get him to enter his credit card details to have them removed. If you see these kind of warnings DO NOT do what they say, it's almost definitely a virus or spyware trying to trick you to get your credit card details, call a qualified technician to sort out the issue.

I went and picked up his computer within 10 minutes of the call and had all the issues fixed by the next day, it turned out he had over 1000 viruses on his machine causing all sorts of issues. I removed all the viruses and installed anti-virus software to help prevent it from happening again, and also upgraded his PC with some extra RAM and a 2TB hard drive at his request.


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